The outdoors awaits

Designed around an unprecedented open and natural landscape, Devonbosch will fast become a renowned destination for Western Cape outdoor events from music concerts, mountain biking, swimming, trail running to annual bird watching events.

Living within Devonbosch, residents will have access to endless scenes of nature daily and will enjoy the unique spaces at leisure.

750m Wetland

Stand-up paddling


Open-water swimming

The Boathouse

Catch-and-release fishing

Lakeside living

Dive into Devonbosch’s crystal lake and enjoy a refreshing time out away from the hustle of day-to-day living. Take a dip in the open waters, spend some time casting a line into the water and catching fish, or stand-up paddle while the sun sets over the mountain range. This unique lake will provide endless hours of fun outdoors.

Nature is your playground

The rugged nature trails beckon you to explore. Indulge in early morning running or a mountain bike ride through the Bottelary Hills Conservancy. The open-space recreational parks allow for some much-needed downtime with your children and pets.

10km running and walking trails

Mountain biking

Green Parks