Designed for collaboration

Crafted to be a walkable village for residents and visitors, Devonbosch encourages a green environment where cars are few and community comes first. You can walk your kids to school before heading to the office.

Set your business up for success with high-speed internet, a safe work environment and flexible co-working spaces available around the clock. Curated for the creatives, budding entrepreneurs, or nine to fivers, this urban setting has created ground-breaking, adaptable workspaces that can host an array of businesses that will become part of the story of Devonbosch.

Offices to let

Business hub

Flexible workspaces



From R122/m² ex vat

With a plug and play set up, Brickfield Studios are ideal for young startups, entrepreneurs, boutique operators, creatives, artists and design agencies.


From R187/m² ex vat

These Brickfield offices offer the ideal space for corporate businesses, tech firms, financial services, pharmaceutical, larger design agencies, travel corporates, events, marketing, medical, sales, showrooms, destination retail, and movie production.


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